PARISH FEAST DAY and Raffle Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the draw that took place June 15th at 8pm.  Gaming Licence #112876

1st prize –   $20,000- Cherrie Chia – Ticket No. 821

2nd prize –  $2,500 – Roger LaBreche – Ticket No. 6801

3rd prize –  $1000 – Jenni Churchill – Ticket No. 2556

 We thank the committee & all those that worked for months to make this important fundraiser a success.

We also want to thank all those that made our Feast Day Celebration on June 15th a huge success including:

The Feast Day committee, the sponsors, those that donated items, those that set up / took down, did the shopping, prepared the food and cooked the food, served it and all the bakers.

We are grateful to those that organized the games, the entertainment (Third Earth Band), our special guests, the African Choir, Frank the Piper, the Sisters of La Salette and Kevin Smith, our MC.

We are so grateful to Judit & Kerry, Mira & Robert for their dedication and support of our church.

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