Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays is now from 9am to 6pm in the church followed by Benediction. You are invited to come and spend some time with Jesus.

Our PREP classes have begun.  If you wish to register your child, there is still time.  Please speak to one of the sisters of La Salette for a registration form. PREP is on Wednesdays at 6:15pm at the school.

RCIA has begun.  If you know of anyone wishing to know more about the Catholic faith, please ask them to contact the parish office.

If you wish to offer a mass for a deceased loved one, please pick up an envelope at the front entrance of the church.

There will be an All Souls evening mass at 7pm mass on Tues. November 2, 2020

Please call the parish office 604-988-6304, if you wish to register for Sunday Mass.

Weekday masses at 8:15am, Saturday Masses: 8:30am and 5pm (Anticipated Sunday Mass)

Confessions on Saturday 9am and 4pm and after weekday masses.

Sunday Masses: 8:30am, 10am and 11:30am.

 Live stream Masses will be Saturday 5:00 pm and Sunday 10am.

The following must stay home for the sake of the wider community:

  1. People with COVID-19 or who live with someone with COVID-19
  2. People who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19
  3. Those who have recently travelled outside of Canada
  4. The sick, including those with even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness, especially with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms
  5. People who live with someone with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms
  6. People especially with underlying or compromised medical conditions
  7. Family members who live with elderly people or those who are at risk

THANK YOU FOR JOINING US. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. This will greatly assist us in providing this great service to our parishioners.

Here are the mass livestream links for this week:

Oct 31 (Sat) @ 8:30am – https://youtu.be/jz0VWVWMOKE

Oct 31 (Sat) @ 5 pm – https://youtu.be/ZUVuVByQQic

Nov 1 (Sun) @ 8:30am – https://youtu.be/aEXamyokVhs

Nov 1 (Sun) @ 10:00am- https://youtu.be/0dGbv92Oo9s

Nov 2 (Mon) @ 8:15am – https://youtu.be/Flo2wOjO5pw

Nov 3 (Tue) @ 8:15am – https://youtu.be/7dBBQ3g-jYI
Nov 4 (Wed) @ 8:15am – https://youtu.be/BoPbVjHwu1A
Nov 5 (Thu) @ 8:15am – https://youtu.be/Xu6KjnX1CAs
Nov 6 (Fri) @ 8:15am – https://youtu.be/we-lxA-xT6A

Nov 6 (HTS) @ 9:15am – https://youtu.be/v7xrOrb5JMY

Nov 7 (Sat) @ 8:30am – https://youtu.be/m3UemVLJRGc

Spiritual Communion Prayer by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

My Jesus, I believe that You are in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I long for You in my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though You have already come, I embrace You and unite myself entirely to You; never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.


Project Advance has some key changes this year.  Archdiocesan funding priorities from this year’s Appeal will be directed to a newly established Crisis Response Fund, to help vulnerable individuals and families during this time of pandemic, alongside other ministries of evangelization and outreach.  Once again our parish goal is $100,000. Here is the link to donate on line:  www.projectadvance.ca  You can then select Holy Trinity Parish and your donation amount. May God bless you for your generosity.

MASS REQUEST If you wish to request a mass for a loved one or a special occasion, please call the parish office. 604-988-6304.

DONATIONS – Many parishioners are asking how they can make a donation to Holy Trinity Parish during this very difficult time for all of us. The Archdiocese has provided a link enabling us to do so. Please click below:


We are grateful to those that have dropped off their weekly donations, donated to H.T. through the RCAV website and of course those that continue to support our parish via Credit Card or Direct Deposit.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church strives to be a Eucharistic, Christ-centered faith community.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit  we are committed to and living the ideals of the Catholic Church.  Constantly evangelizing by teaching and sharing the faith, we welcome, support and develop families as the smaller basic Catholic community, valuing and living sacramental life, showing a sensitivity to the needs of others especially the poor and marginalized and fostering stewardship of all of God’s creation.

Feast of Corpus Christi