Parish activities are ramping up for the celebration of Christmas. On Monday I enjoyed the CWL wine and cheese party. John Schreiner gave a very interesting talk on various wines and we had a chance to taste them along with exquisite cheese and assorted breads and crackers. On Tuesday I attended two gatherings. Spirit of Formation, an organization for personal and spiritual growth has purchased a house for priests in Langley. A small group of priests met to develop a vision for the facility. In the evening I attended the Christmas dinner for the St. Thomas Aquinas staff, Education Committee and pastors. On Wednesday I celebrated the evening Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and really enjoyed the music of a Solemn Mass. After Mass on Thursday morning Fr. Peter and I went to St. Thomas Aquinas high School where we joined five other priests of the North Shore and for three hours celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the students. When we returned in the afternoon we witnessed a team of installers who with the help of a crane and genie lifts placed a dozen beautiful laminated beams in our new school. On Friday there was a flurry of activity on the construction site with three welders welding brackets for more beams that will be installed next week. Fr. Peter and I are looking forward to the Anointing Mass for Seniors on Sunday and the Christmas dinner afterward.

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I am looking for volunteers to help me assemble a Holy Trinity School Alumnae. I have all the old student records and need to collate a list of names and addresses. I would like to seek donations from them to furnish the new gymnasium which I would like to dedicate in memory of Fr. John Kilty. He had such a profound influence on the young people of this parish for thirty-four years.

Fr. James Comey

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