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Catholics Come Home

There is a growing crisis of faith in the Canada, United States, Europe, and around the globe. So many people have forgotten God or abandoned the Church that Jesus started. It saddens us when we think of our neighbors and relatives that have left the faith…maybe it’s a son or daughter, brother or sister, niece or nephew?

Now, we can help these struggling souls find their way home to the Church, and affect our culture in a positive and unprecedented way. Today, you have an opportunity to partner with Catholics Come Home.org in a “great awakening”.

For more information and more videos, please visit our “Catholics Come Home” page in our site!

Holy Trinity Catholic Church strives to be a eucharistic, Christ-centered faith community, inspired by the Holy Spirit – committed to and living the ideals of the Catholic Church, constantly evangelizing by teaching and sharing the faith, welcoming, supporting and developing families as the smaller basic Catholic community, valuing and living sacramental life, showing a sensitivity to the needs of others especially the poor and marginalized and fostering stewardship of all of God’s creation.

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